We are City tutors!

Unlike other tutoring agencies in Nigeria, we are a professional educational organisation with more than a decade of front-line experience. Just about all the teachers are career teachers. The atmosphere is probably as close to the personal recommendation ideal you can get. We simply bridge gap! Exceptional is the ability of our tutors to spot misconceptions, areas of weakness and recurring mistakes that may not have been noticed in class. Again, this may be due to time constraints within the school that weaknesses are not observed and recognized but the one-to-one offers the time to deal with these misconceptions.

Our Tutors

Teachers, former teachers, and professional tutors. Have specialization in tutoring students with various learning differences and disabilities. Adapt their teaching style to best suit each student’s learning needs. Provide enrichment to each student should regular, school-assigned work not adequate to reinforce concepts. Lend home work and support. Offer guidance, positive reinforcement, routine and encouragement

Our Services

We tutor in the following areas: All academics subjects for lower primary (pre-nursery-pry 3), upper primary (pry 4-pry 6), lower secondary (JSS1-3), and upper secondary (SS1-3). NECO,GCE, WASCE, UTME, Post UTME ,High School Entrance Examination International Examinations: GRE, TOEFL, SAT I AND II, ERB, ISEE, ACT, HSPT, AP Exams, and Cambridge IGCSE. Phonetics, Use of English, and Business English. Foreign languages (Russian, Spanish, French,& Chinese), local languages: Nigerian languages.

our fees

Our fee is very affordable. Services are billed on a monthly basis. Charges are pro-rated on the number of hours required to meet the needs of our students and you are billed only for the amount of time our tutors work with your student. It is our policy to meet our students and assess their needs before we agree on conditions and terms of service. We understand that many parents in Nigeria struggle to cope with having to go extra miles to support the school system by providing home tuition for their kids. We put our students first!


Tutoring a student at the locale of his or her choice allows for the best working environment. You select where the session will take place. Home, library, Dad’s office, all okay! We work closely with learning disabilities specialists, diagnosticians, speech pathologists and psychologists. Our help desk provides personalized customer service and strives to have a schedule in place within 24 hours of initial client contact. An online scheduling system that sends automatic email reminders of tutoring sessions to clients.

Choose from over 50,000 accredited tutors from Foreign Universities, Nigeria Teachers institute (NTI), Post graduate colleges, Top Nigerian universities, and Nigeria union of teachers (NUT)


Intelligence and character is our core mission

Our world -class teachers have years of in-depth experience as school teachers within and outside Nigeria, we possess the highest level of experience obtainable to create the home balance. City tutors is hope assured to millions of students who are confronted with the challenges of attaining global standard. Looking for a home tutor in Lagos, Abuja and Port harcourt? Get a home tutor today! We also provide menus of education options through our National Mentoring Project, to strengthen the existing education structures. Offering students who are struggling or who have left school an opportunity to achieve in a new setting and use creative, individualized learning strategies and flexible schedules.

Our Team

Our tutors are certified teachers and/or hold degrees in the subjects they tutor. All have at least two years’ experience teaching in public, or private schools. In addition to their teaching credentials, subject-area expertise, and experience, our tutors are passionate about teaching. Our ethos is friendly, down -to-earth and unpretenticious. The families and students who come to us hold education in high esteem.
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Prof. Omolaso Akin

Executive Director (VC CD UNIVERSITY)
A mentor, profound educationist, dynamic instructor with special interest in character development
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Akinniranye Olaotan

Lead Educator ( Consultant, State Alternative Education Progam)
Mr.Akinniranye is a senior consultant with Novatia Consulting, top Nigerian executive in management consulting. An astute educationist with education innovation as passion.
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Olumide Olusegun

Monitoring Officer, South West (Educational Psychologist)
Education psychologist, the brain behind the external tuition monitoring system and compliance ratings. Top professional with clear insights on educational performance.
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Dr.Titilope Mary

Special Learning Manager ( Curriculum development specialist)
A graduate ofCollege of medicine university of Lagos with a passion for education having a mastery in special education


Exploring the power and effectiveness of a well-tailored personalized learning. It is time you changed strategy! Choose City tutors now

International Tutor Certification Course (ITCC)

We incorporate a national background check, certification verification as well as content-specific core professional training for tutors. Additional training options are also available for tutoring business, agencies and organisations.

There is no such thing as a brief explanation on how to tutor. The art and discipline of tutoring requires exposure to the multiple aspects of teaching and learning, questioning and contemplating these theories, followed by application to the tutoring process that comes to fruition only through extensive experience.