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Word-of-mouth advertising is as powerful today as it was when we started more than one decade ago.

At City tutors, we understand the limitations of classroom learning and we have seen first-hand the benefits and rewards of one -to-one private tuition.

We are extremely proud of the handwork that our tutors put into securing progress for each student and we are always keen to continue working with and seeking other independent tutors that are passionate about each student’s progress.

We believe that student and parent feedback is extremely important as it gives an indication of the academic impact made by our tutors and it also helps quantify the quality provided by our expert tutors.

home tutors in Abuja



Our tutors are passionate about academic success and are dedicated to each student’s development. In order to maintain the high quality of tuition provided by our professional tutors, we only work with tutors that continually receive 100% positive feedback from parents.

Feedback from parents and other clientele has shown that parents choose City tutors because our tutors set high expectations and help build the confidence of the students that they work with.

Many parents have expressed that this quality is probably the most useful quality that they believe that this has the greatest impact on their child’s progress.

Parents have informed us that our professional tutors clearly have a passion for their subjects and a keen interest in helping their child achieve his or her full potential. They have noticed that the best tutors take the time to build positive relationships with their students and this in turn, helps the students feel more motivated and encouraged to exceed the general expected level of progress for their age of year group.

Because our professional tutors are able to plan and prepare personalized lessons tailored to their student’s needs and teach new topics or revisit old topics using methods suited to the student’s learning styles, parent have found that their children begin to enjoy the sessions and often look forward to their weekly tuition session with the private home tutor.