citytutors ltd


When and how do I pay your tuition fee?

-You pay after the second lesson and before the third.

-You can pay by cheque, or bank transfer


Is there initial registration fee for new student (s)?

-Yes, a processing fee of N4,000 payable at the first meeting


Where do lessons normally take place and when?

-At your home under your supervision, in a suitable place for lessons, so all parties are at ease.

-Most lessons are from 4:30pm or at weekends.

-Some tutors are available during the day


From what age do you tutor children?


-from 5-yrs


Can you find me one tutor to teach Maths, English & science?

-We can combine science & Maths . Specialist tutor teach other subjects


Can one tutor teach all my children at the same time?

-Not if they are of different ages and different needs


How do I cancel a lesson?

-Please ring your tutor to re-arrange another appointment

-Please give them 48 hrs notice.

-Further details and your tutor’s phone number are in the email sent to you.