Our Students and Families

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The pupils and families that we help are almost exclusively from top private, public or independent schools  or families who aspire to obtaining places at such schools.  Our ethos is friendly, down-to-earth and unpretentious. The pupils and families who come to us hold education in high esteem and place a great emphasis on educating their children as best they can. We will not work through agencies, concierge groups, relocation companies, investment/security firms or any third parties of any kind. We work directly with families who take a direct interest in their children’s education.

Many schools and educational organisations in the Nigeria have over the last decade reoriented their services to home tutoring agencies where Nigeria based families no longer use them.  While City tutors is happy to help families from overseas, our main focus is on helping families based in the Nigeria attending  schools with the intention of enrolling at top universities.

“A colleague recommended City tutors to me and I have never looked back. It is dynamic, professional and unbureaucratic. The tutors have a good working relationship and collaborate or take over from one another seamlessly if required. City tutors Ltd uses mature teachers with detailed subject knowledge, a common work ethic and high standards. Neither tutors nor parents could fail to be highly satisfied with City tutors.”

Parent, Loyola Jesuit College

“When I first considered private tuition to supplement my school teacher’s income, I contacted all the leading tutorial agencies.City tutors Ltd was by far the most professional and really the only organisation to work for if you are a teacher at a top school”.

Parent, Centagon Abuja