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High School Entrance Exam

We offer one to one preparatory tuition for pupils seeking admission to top schools in Nigeria e.g Loyola Jesuit college, and other top 100 secondary schools in Nigeria. Curriculum mastery strategies, effective test answering techniques and focus tuition contribute to our 99% accomplishment in all entrance exams in Nigeria.  Aside this, our monthly assessment is well structured and have a higher difficulty level than these admission tests.

Language Tuition

For our language courses which include French, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, etc, we provide face to face  tuition, part-time and full-time language courses for primary, secondary, O LEVEL, IGCSE,  exam preparation (including FCE & IELTS), ESP (English for specific purposes), and customized business courses for companies and individuals interested in studying foreign languages.

Music Tuition

Music as an ‘art form’ is  best learnt through experiential lessons and it’s learnt really well at a tender age.If you as a parent wish to have a budding pianist, guitarist, drummer or flutist at home and your son or daughter in turn does really like the idea of being a musician – you’ve landed on the right page! We have professionals to impart the skills. We also enroll our students for music competitions.

Business and Commercial Tuition

City tutors NG as a subsidiary of Novatia Consulting provides highly specialized tuition in Economics, Business studies, Social studies, Commerce, Project management, Government, project management, Business English, Business document writing and so on.  Our approach is both for curriculum mastery and personal empowerment. We offer highly individualized step by step progression in these areas.

Computer Tuition

We provide you experienced and result oriented tutors making you proficient in computer operations, ranging from the fundamentals to the advanced programming languages. Most of our computer tutors belong to a pool of computer graduates, full time tutors, and Specialized ICT Instructors. All our home tutors are screened and verified before listing at City tutors NG.


International Exam Preparation

Having hundreds of certified tutors from different professional bodies and organisations around the world, Our list of international exam preparation courses include but not limited to the following: SSAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, IGCSE, SAT, AP, ACCA, ICAN and so on. You can request the history and performance record in these exams from our front desk.


Math Tuition

Just the word Math is sometimes enough to make most children go crazy. Yes, it is critical in nurturing the education of your children, but at the same time confusing, and even nerve wrecking. Moreover, there is no escape to the subject, City tutors NG, gives math an intentional and evident importance.


English Tuition

We understand the agony of not being able to find a modern English language tutor for English tuition in Nigeria.Our tutors will not only prepare students for the class room settings and examinations, but also teach them general skills of the language to enhance their overall communication abilities.


Science Tuition

There is more than knowledge to learning science. Most students lack the confidence in their own abilities when it comes to studying science. They give up even before they’ve started. The main task of our tutors is to clear all the doubts students have and to teach them to master concepts with new confidence.



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What else we provide?

Book review, & Editing/Proofreading

Provision of editing and review for your projects, theses, dissertations, articles, conference papers, letters, speeches, books, manuscript and any form of writing. Meet our team of review experts today and let’s give your project the professional outlook.

Translation and Interpretation services

We provide highly rated translation services in over 50 international languages.  Document, research and mobile app translations are essentials of our services.

Private Vocation Training

We offer one on one training on Cake decorating, Bread courses, Pastry and event decoration, Video editing, Cooking, Photography, Hair styling, Fashion designing, Make up and Bead making.  We create multi-pathways to learning.

Teacher Recruitment services

We have experience placing teachers in schools nationwide and our teachers come from all the major English speaking nations (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa). Some have taught overseas, and we have accredited teachers.

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What our clients say

My son in grade 4 scored 96% in the entrance exam . Kudos to City tutors ! This is innovation in learning

Mrs Funke Ann Entrepreneur@ Asokoro Abuja

I had just two weeks to prepare my boy for secondary school admission test (SSAT). someone recommended City tutors to me. Incredibly, My expectation was surpassed. My son is now in canada.

Blessing O Business owner @Lekki Lagos

Wow! This is the fastest, the safest and the most secured. I was taken through a well-implemented IELTS tuition. These guys are the grand masters of one to one learning.

Mrs. Toyin A School Proprietress @Ikeja Lagos

Incredibly, My son in grade 5 ranked first in all the three entrance examinations He enrolled for. (including Regent International school Abuja). Weldone!

Mr.Abubakar M Staff@NNPC ABUJA

Who we are?

Unlike other tutoring agencies in Nigeria, we are a professional educational organisation with more than a decade of front-line experience. Just about all the teachers are career teachers. The atmosphere is probably as close to the personal recommendation ideal you can get. We simply bridge gap! Exceptional is the ability of our tutors to spot misconceptions, areas of weakness and recurring mistakes that may not have been noticed in class.

  • Our tutors are teachers, former teachers, and professional tutors.
  • Have specialization in tutoring students with various learning differences and disabilities
  • Adapt their teaching style to best suit each student’s learning needs
  • Provide enrichment to each student should regular, school-assigned work not adequate to reinforce concepts
Critical Thinking
Character development

Choose from over 50,000 accredited tutors from Foreign Universities, Nigeria Teachers institute (NTI), Post graduate colleges, Top Nigerian universities, and Nigeria union of teachers (NUT)

About us

We incorporate a national background check, certification verification as well as content-specific core professional training for tutors. Additional training options are also available for tutoring business, agencies and organizations. There is no such thing as a brief explanation on how to tutor. The art and discipline of tutoring requires exposure to the multiple aspects of teaching and learning, questioning and contemplating these theories, followed by application to the tutoring process that comes to fruition only through extensive experience.

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