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Tips on making A in WASSCE English

Get WASSCE OR WAEC English private home tutors from City tutors

Make use of current WAEC syllabus

Use WAEC recommend textbooks.

Practice WAEC past questions with Your expert tutor

Write our monthly assessment tests


PAPER 1: This paper will be divided into three sections (A, B and C).


Candidates will be required to spend 50 minutes on this section. There will be five

questions in all and candidates will be required to answer only one question.

The questions will test candidates‟ ability to communicate in writing. The topics will

demand the following kinds of writing:

(i) letter;

(ii) speech;

(iii) narrative;

(iv) description;

(v) debate/argumentative;

(vi) report;

(vii) article;

(viii) exposition;

(ix) creative writing.

Credit will be given for

(i) Content: relevance of ideas to the topic and its specified audience and


(ii) Organization: formal features (where applicable), good paragraphing,

appropriate emphasis and arrangement of ideas;

(iii) Expression: control of vocabulary and sentence structure;

(iv) Mechanical Accuracy: grammar, punctuation and spelling.

The minimum length expected will be 450 words.


Candidates will be required to spend 50 minutes on this section. The section will consist

of two passages each of about three hundred (300) words. Candidates will be required to

answer questions on the two passages.

The questions will test the candidate‟s ability to

(i) find appropriate equivalents for selected words and phrases;

(ii) understand the factual content;

(iii) make inferences from the content of the passages;

(iv) respond to uses of English expressions to reveal/reflect




(v) identify and label basic grammatical structures, words, phrases or clauses

and explain their functions as they appear in the context;

(vi) identify and explain basic literary terms and expressions;

(vii) recast phrases or sentences into grammatical alternatives.

The passages will be chosen from a wide variety of sources all of which will be suitable for

this level of examination in terms of theme and interest. The passages will be written in

modern English that will be within the experience of candidates. The comprehension test

will include a total of three questions based on (vi) above in any one paper.


Candidates will be required to spend 50 minutes on this section. The section will consist

of one prose passage of about five hundred (500) words and will test the candidate‟s ability


(i) extract relevant information;

(ii) summarize the points demanded in clear, concise English;

(iii) present a summary of specific aspects or portions of the passage;

(iv) avoid repetition, redundancy and extraneous material.

The passage will be selected from a wide variety of suitable sources, including excerpts

from narratives, dialogues and expositions of social, cultural, economic and political issues

in any part of the world.

PAPER 2: This is an objective/multiple choice paper comprising 100 questions: 40

lexical and 60 structural items. Each question/item will have four options

lettered A to D.

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