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Live online primary Tuition

By introducing your child to our online tuition at an early age, we help them to initiate a lifelong love for learning

Junior Secondary Online Tuition

We have highly trained and experienced online tuition experts in all subjects, covering different curricula. We help develop an innovative learning culture

Secondary school online Tuition

With our online tuition, we will help your child cross the hurdle of the senior secondary school. Teenagers should be taught to use the internet responsibly.


Music Online Tuition

Learn music a tone at a time with the professional guides of our Music online tutors. Understand all about music in no time, at a pace you couldn't have imagined.

International Exams Online Tuition


ICT Online Tuition

Put yourself in the hands of our ICT online tutors and make learning come at a speed none can gainsay. Our tutors are technologically sound with results to show for it


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Next, parents are connected with any of our online consultants to discuss student learning goals and any other pertinent issues.

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Award-winning live one-to-one online tutoring

Our live one-to-one online tutoring enhances the students’ learning experience with manifolds

Variety of Subjects

There is limitless possibility in our live one to one online tuition in Nigeria. You can decide when and how you want your tuition. Get live one-to-one online tuition with


Every session is live; one-to-one and personalized to your subject and your question by expert online tutors across Nigeria. Learning at your pace and ability

Record your live tuition

You can also have your classes recorded, which you can watch again for revision. All online classes include practical hands-on – all you need is internet access

We provide more than ordinary
online tutoring company

Our live one-to-one online tuition is designed for convenient and effective personalized tutoring, wherever you may be, whether at home , in the office or on the move. With our student centered curriculum and one-on-one live online tutoring sessions, we help learners across the world develop renewed interest in learning. The result? Better study skills, which leads to grade improvement in school. We will help your child realize that they have what it takes to be successful!


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The first session is a free online trial . showing you that our Live Online tuition feature all the same benefits of live instructor interaction while saving on travel time and cost.


Share document & screen

At City tutors online Live one-to-one tuition, You can share document and screens while learning with an online expert tutor. This is the highest level of technology in the world as far as personalized learning is concerned

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Easy to set Up

Set -up tuition in 1 min. You meet your expert tutor on the screen of your phone, desktop, laptop and Iphones. It is very easy to set-up. Our consultant would guide you through the set up process