Why Accredited?

We provide students with a choice.We connect parents, learners and students to accredited tutors in all the major cities in Nigeria. Our accredited tutors teach in countless homes: we also train tutors for other agencies in Nigeria. Register with accredited tutors and get a professional tutor within 24hrs of registration.


There is no such thing as a brief explanation on how to tutor. The art and discipline of tutoring requires exposure to the multiple aspects of teaching and learning, questioning and contemplating these theories, followed by application to the tutoring process that comes to fruition only through extensive experience.


The Value of getting an accredited tutors:

• Accreditation correlates to concrete proof that all tutors have had consistent and effective learning

• Our accreditation assures parents that their tutors have been trained by professionals

• We provides tutors with relevant and targeted tutoring skills

• It stresses the importance of learning and implementing the code of ethics

• Proper training lessens or prevents potential tutor/student conflict

• Certification training provides a consistent established training program that covers all pertinent issues, rather than a hit or miss training that might be conducted by different times and therefore not cover all necessary information

• Certification enhances the credibility of the tutoring program providing confidence for parents and faculty to know that your tutors are specifically trained to perform this function

• Accreditation helps to prevent problems that can occur in the tutoring situation such as:
-The tutor doing the students home work
-Helping too much
-Violating the honor code/plagiarism etc.
These problems are avoided because the tutors are carefully trained on how to avoid these situations.

• Our accredited tutors understand when a student’s academic problems are beyond classroom learning and they also are aware of how to help with the right combination of skills and individualized learning strategies.

• Training and accreditation foster a professional attitude in the tutors and they take their work more seriously

• Certification provides the tutor with a credible accomplishment that may be listed on their resume and therefore improves the tutor’s overall ability to seek future employment

• Our accreditation policy motivates the tutors to improve and do well because they want to accomplish the process (especially if there is a rate increase attached to the completion-even if the rate increase is not significant)

• Many tutoring businesses in Nigeria report that their tutoring programs only became truly effective and professional since the implementation of our mandatory tutor training course based on the principle embraced by international tutoring

• Accreditation insures that the program and the tutors in it are in line with the current trends and standards of the profession

• We provide the standards by which work can be measured

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