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Reading and writing skills for kindergarten

Hello! We are expert tutors for reading and writing skills for Kindergarten

Looking for reliable private tutors for reading and writing for Kindergarten? What will children learn about reading and writing in kindergarten? What are they expected to know by the end of the kindergarten year? Our home tutors will shape the future of your kids by delivering premium private tuition for excellent foundation.

Will Learn the Alphabet
The ABC's are the first step to learning how to read and will likely be one of the first skills your child nails down. Help them along by singing the song as often as possible (even if you get sick of it). They will learn how to:

Recite the alphabet in order
Recognize and name all the letters of the alphabet, both upper and lower case, in random order. They should be able to recognize stand-alone letters and letters in words.
Know the sounds corresponding to each letter of the alphabet
Reading Readiness
Armed with the basics of the alphabet, your kindergartener is now ready to read books. It's ok if there are very few words in them. Simply exposing your child to books will help foster a love of reading from an early age. Your kindergartener should know how to:

Identify the front, back, title, author, and illustrator of a book
Understand what both the author and illustrator do
Understand the difference between fiction and nonfiction
Name and imitate the sound heard at the beginning and ending of words
Blend consonant-vowel-consonant sounds orally to make words (h-a-t = hat m-e-n= men)
Distinguish letters from words and words from sentences
Indicate where a sentence starts and ends
Count the number of sounds in a syllable and the number of syllables in a word
Recognize and use rhyming words

Once kids understand the bare-bones basics of books and initial sounds, they will work to string sounds together and read basic 3-5 letter words and, eventually, sentences. Along with the analyzing the illustrations, they should be able to:

Use left to right and top to bottom motion when reading
Read one syllable words (i.e. cat) and recognize common and color words (I, the, red, blue) by sight
Use picture clues to read
Make predictions
Identify the characters, setting, and the main idea of a story
Understand the simple structure of stories (beginning, middle, and end)
Retell a story with details
Once your child has the basics of the alphabet down, they'll also be able to write. Spelling their name for the first time will be an exciting moment. They'll also:

Write all of the letters of the alphabet in both upper and lowercase
Correctly write first and last name
Print correct letter symbols to correspond with pictures
Write and correctly spell some simple consonant-vowel-consonant words (i.e. cat)
Write longer words spelled the way they sound (phonetically)
Write from left to right and from top to bottom
Use writing (letters, pictures, and words) to express own meaning
Write simple sentences, showing the spacing between words.

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