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Over the years, teaching and learning of physics has been beset with a multitude of problems particularly in Nigerian secondary schools. The most compelling is how to teach physics to the students so that they will understand it, and appreciate it. An offshoot of this difficulty is the problem of retaining in the program those students who have initially decided to study science. Given that the teacher is the implementer of the goals of education, the problem of teaching and learning of physics lies on them.  Research shows that physics teachers contribute to the poor quality of the outcomes especially in secondary schools.

At City tutors, we our private physics tutors are trained to teach physics on a one to one level, fully personalizing individual learning abilities and adapting the curriculum to suit each student’s learning process.

 The measure of teaching is not the amount of knowledge the students learn from teachers but the learning skills which the students master. Thus, science teaching requires more attention to the teaching/learning process of moving students from their initial state of knowledge and understanding to the desired level, rather than to the content of the course. In fact, studies show that students learn best if they are engaged in active learning. Student-centered teaching is a teaching style more effective than others because it is more likely to motivate students by engaging their interest.

This is basically and practically what we offer at the Premier City tutors. Looking for senior secondary physics tutors? Get Physics home tutors now!

Physics is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, as physicists work with mathematicians, engineers, chemists and biologists in order to understand and solve a wide range of problems confronting society. Physics is a challenging and rewarding subject. Its study instructs a person in the art of critical thinking, how to pose questions and how to solve problems. It also equips graduates with mathematical and information technology skills. Physics is at the heart of almost every facet of modern life.

Physics provides training for a vast range of careers, where it is either employed directly, or where the skills developed can be applied in innovative ways in other fields. Given the relevance of physics to a nation like Nigeria, it is necessary that in order to help students learn better, physics teachers should  understand that managing change, assessment for the future, curriculum design, training the students learning skills are needed, but also developing the teaching techniques needed in the classroom are germane.

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