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Premier City tutors is Lagos approved home tutors with expert private tutors in Lagos; trained, vetted and accredited in the act of in-home tutoring. Not all teachers can teach on a one to one basis, the act of personalized learning is quite child specific and it involves understanding the psychology of the child. Our Lagos approved home tutors are available to deliver unusual performance at the peak.

Getting a private home tutor in Lagos can be an herculean task, because the home tutoring space has been super saturated with unemployed youths. On every building you can always find a tutorial center and going online seems to be the most difficult adventure. It is always a battle of who comes first on the first page of google; leaving the parents or students to choose from hundreds of websites.

At City tutors, we have revolutionized the act of private tuition and getting a private tutor in Lagos is now simpler. We represent the new trend of quality and the preferred choice of Lagos residents. All our tutors are Lagos approved home tutors with robust tutoring experience in Lagos.

All our Lagos approved home tutors are certified home tutors in Lagos and each of these approved Lagos home tutors are independently verified and equip with the right personalized procedures and skills.

At the City tutors, we are only interested in performance based evidence, matched with every sense of diligence and character. As a parent you won’t want your child to perform excellently in school and becoming a moral failure. Our Lagos approved home tutors represent the balance between academic excellence and moral rectitude.

Our tutor approval process differs from subject to subject and areas of specialization and instruction. At City tutors, getting approved home tutors in Lagos has become fun. There is no point going through the endless process of checking online directories to find private tutors, Your rest is our stress at the City tutors Nigeria.

As a busy mum, we take the heat from you and put a long lasting smile on your face by providing tutors you can trust with your children; tutors with history, references, Medical records .

Looking for Lagos approved home tutors? Look no further at the premier City tutors, your one- stop home tutoring agency for approved home tutors in Lagos.


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