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Lower Primary English Language Tuition

Private Home tutors for English language tuition for lower primary students

Need an English tutor for my primary 1-3 kids? what would English home lesson teachers do to help my son? Looking for English tutors for my child. If all and any of these are your consideration. Get help from a qualified English private tutors now!

At City tutors, we offer highly rated English language private tuition for Primary 1-3 students. It covers Grammer, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Writing Skills. It also covers other aspects like Oral Communication and Listening Comprehension. Each session is very engaging and fun, boosted by the experience of our high calibre private tutors. Get tutors for primary school English anywhere in Nigeria. The classes include; primary 1, primary 2 and primary 3.

Specialization is the golden key for this level of learning. Parents do no need to make mistakes by just getting anyone tagged as a tutor to teach their kids at this level. This is why we have professionalized private tutoring in Nigeria by training and accrediting private tutors who are well- certified in personalized learning. Our approach is not just to challenge the monopoly of the school system but to give parents independent options to give the complete learning balance.