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Science is one of the most vital as well as one of the most difficult subjects to understand. In Nigeria, young students at Primary 3 level begin to study science and not all of them are able to perform equally well at the subject. The difference lies in their abilities and aptitude towards science. They find it more difficult when they don’t have the proper inclination for the subject.

And, while you may opt out science at a later stage, for the primary level, it remains compulsory. City tutors NG, is a renowned tutoring company for science tutors, and can help your child smoothly get through the exam or even built a career in the field of science.

There is more than knowledge to learning science. Most students lack the confidence in their own abilities when it comes to studying science. They give up even before they’ve started. The main task of our tutors is to clear all the doubts students have and to teach them the concepts so as to inculcate new confidence in them.

We understand parents may have many worries to deal with, when it comes to science, some of them being:Science is a difficult subject and students may require extra hours of tutoring to master its concepts.As parents, your own concepts of science are weak, therefore you cannot help your children on your own.You wish your children to pursue a career in science, and want their concepts to sharpen up for all competitive exams. Science is as important as English, Mathematics, and Mother tongue, and your child must excel in all the subjects for better future prospects. With the best science teachers at our science tuition centre you will have no problem in searching for the right one. You can choose from a qualified list of teachers with years of experience in the field of science. Also, you can choose to have a combined teacher for all the different subjects like, physics, chemistry and biology, or choose to hire a separate teacher for each subject.

Based on the latest syllabus for both primary and secondary tuition, our tutors have the best knowledge in all the latest developments taking place at the board levels, and the teaching methodologies adopted by the school teachers.

There are plenty of ways in which we can help your child excel in science, just to mention a few, here’s the list:

Stimulate interest among students for all science activities by providing them several opportunities to be creative and intuitive. Using visualizations and large number of illustrations to strengthen the concepts of the students. Teaching the keyword technique of answering questions that helps solving the examinations and scoring well.

Specialized tutors for all three science subjects – physics, chemistry and biology. It is our aim to reinforce the cognitive process of the students to build a strong foundation in the basics of science. If you too are looking for quality science tuition for your children to help them build a career in this field or to help them excel in their class, the right option is City tutors NG. With a highly dedicated team of professionals working day and night to bring the best science tutoring to a large number of Nigeria children, we guarantee to offer you the best.

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