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Economics helps to explain and predict how goods and services will be produced and consumed. It will tell you who gets what, how, and why.

Learning Economics through our private home tutors is great. 

Economics explores issues of:

-Sustainability (efficient use of scarce resources)

-Enterprise (identifying profit-maximising levels of output)

-Citizenship (economic decisions )

-Globalisation (the benefits of international trade).

Economists are interested in the factors that influence the well-being of people and aim to find solutions to improve people’s standard of living.

Economics learning at the senior secondary level helps a decisive career path. Our private home tutors for economics help connect with students in a special way.

Why study economics?

If you study economics you will think differently to others.

Helps to solve issues people face in their everyday lives

Economics students explore decisions that directly affect their lives, such as:

Whether to do homework or go to a movie

Extract mineral resources today or save them for the future

Charge the full price or subsidize education to make it more accessible.

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