City Tutors NG launches Alternative education Project in Nigeria

City Tutors NG Launches State Alternative Education Project (SAEP) in Nigeria

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City tutors NG has finally launched the State Alternative Education Project in Nigeria. This is a pioneering revolution project in the educational system through academic and behavioral supports and interventions, case management, psychological training, supervision, learning strategies and approaches that strengthen and explore the possibilities not available within the traditional mainstream education .

This project creates multiple and expanded pathways to assist students having difficulties within the school systems, including those who are at the risk of dropping out of schools and providing well-lit re-entry points for those who are out of the traditional school system.

SAEP provides menus of education options to strengthen the existing education structures. Offering students who are struggling or who have left school an opportunity to achieve in a new setting and use creative, individualized learning strategies and flexible schedules.

Due to our flexible structure, we are open to collaboration, partnerships and sponsorship. let’s have a chat. Call us on 0803-753-1249, 0809-354-6555.


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