Enrolment of City tutors NG International Tutor Certificate Course (ITCC) for tutoring agencies and Businesses in Nigeria

International Tutor Certificate Course (ITCC)  is a DLHT certified programme aimed at improving the standard of tutoring in Nigeria and West African sub-region, promoting professionalism at both individual and corporate level.  Successful participants will become Accredited and certified tutors and will be authorized to use AACT designation in front of their names.

This Certificate Programme consists of 10 modules.
It is a very educative programme and each module will have a formative and summative assessment. These assessments will be written, verbal and based on observations.

There are three options for learning:

  • A  two day Intensive Programme
  • A One Weekend Programme
  • Online based learning and assessment(includes viewing tutor training videos )

Key areas to be covered in the International Tutor Certificate Programme include:

  • Basic tutor guidelines
  • The basic Tutoring “Do’s” and “Don’ts”
  • Strategies for Subject Knowledge for Tutors
  • Analysis of Student Types and Learning Styles
  • Diagnosis and Management of Student
  • Types and Learning Styles
  • Strategies for Efficient Delivery
  • Techniques of Constructive Feedback
  • Role modeling
  • Active Listening and paraphrasing
  • Compliance with the Ethics, professionalism  and Philosophy of individualized tuition
  • Techniques for successfully beginning and ending a Tutoring session
  • Critical thinking skills

Heralding ‘Our Standard Code of Conduct for Tutors’ for efficient service delivery

We do not compromise integrity and character to get results, our tutors have the both professional and character development skills to help our students for a great future.It is a requirement of membership for individual tutors that they adhere to the following Code of ethics. Corporate members also have a responsibility to promote regard for the ‘Our Standard Code of conduct for tutors’ . Our corporate members are responsible for monitoring whether tutors with whom they work honour the code.

  1. I understand that my role as a tutor is to encourage and enable pupils to achieve their unique potential as independent learners through acknowledgement, encouragement, understanding, and personalised attention.
  2. I will be careful to avoid creating any unhealthy dependencies by suggesting a need for tutoring where no such need exists; reporting in a manner that explicitly or implicitly suggests a need for further on-going tutoring or engaging in any practice that undermines the independent learning of our students
  3. I will not engage in any form of plagiarism, such as completing pupils’ homework assignments for them.
  4. I will demonstrate faith in my pupils’ learning ability and provide honest, positive and constructive feedback.
  5. I understand the need to be flexible in my approach to tutoring to assist my pupils in discovering effective learning strategies.
  6. I undertake to keep up-to-date with advances in subject knowledge and pedagogy.
  7. I undertake to comply with the UN Child Protection Policy.
  8. I am committed to identifying any particular challenges or difficulties my pupils might have with their learning and to assisting them in overcoming those barriers.
  9. I will share with my home education support manager any concerns I have about pupils’ social, emotional and behavioural difficulties that are beyond my competency to address.
  10. I will identify to my home education support manager any special educational needs that are beyond my experience or ability to resolve, in order that they may secure for them the right kind of specialist help from the team at City tutors NG.
  11. I understand that my relationship to my pupils is professional and not personal and that I have a duty of care towards them.
  12. I will keep information about the pupil whom I am assigned confidential, unless doing so would be to result in injury or harm being done to them.
  13. I will show respect for my pupils’ cultural background, personal dignity and values.
  14. I will maintain accurate records of tutoring sessions as expected and required.
  15. I will respect the terms and conditions of my contract, and in particular, will not seek to provide educational services to pupils I have been introduced to in this way independently of the company.


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